After School Adventure

Start: 08/25/2023 - End: 04/24/2024
4 hours, Alternating Fridays, 1:30p-5:30p.
Riverside Park, 195 East 125 North, Morgan, UT 84050, USA
Our students look forward to our adventures and being away from their screens; join us!
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Course Objectives

Students will have fun by adventuring, exploring and learning about nature.

Students will develop bushcraft and survival skills such as fire-making, shelter-building, foraging, and navigation by practicing them in a safe and controlled outdoor setting. They will test their skills by completing tasks and challenges individually and in groups.

Students will enhance their social and emotional intelligence by participating in team-building activities, games, and exercises. To promote qualities such as communication, trust, respect, and empathy, students will reflect on their experiences and challenges in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Students will identify the importance of responsible and ethical behavior towards nature and technology.

The instructor will provide constructive feedback and encourage students to embrace growth and improvement on an ongoing process.

Skills Taught

Sit spot

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • ecology
  • taxonomy
  • ethnobotany
  • morphology
  • biology

Survival skills

  • shelter
  • water
  • fire food
  • wood working
  • leather working
  • medicinal/edible plants
  • and much more


  • nature-based games
  • navigation/getting lost and found
  • tracking and awareness
  • bird language
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About the Course

This afterschool program provides kids with the opportunity to learn about and explore nature after a long day of school. The skills and knowledge of our ancestors can still be useful today if we just take the time to reconnect with them.

Nature is fundamental in child development and human health. Getting outside, getting dirty, tracking animals, playing, and taking risks is what makes childhoold memorable.

Join us Fridays after school.

Meet Your Instructor

Dakota Shaffer

Dakota has been teaching professionally since 2011 and has an insatiable love for nature. His passion for teaching brought him from Missouri to Utah to delve deeper into his career. He is a proud father and enjoys spending his time trekking in the old ways and practicing the skills of the Mountain Men. He believes these skills connect us to our ancestors and their hardships in a way that brings new meaning to our own lives.

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Additional Information

Vacation Days

Fall Break: October 10th-14th

Thanksgiving Break: November 23rd-25th

Winter Break: December 1st-31st

Spring Break: April 3rd-7th

Class Dates

August: 25th

September: 8th, 22nd

October: 6th, 20th

November: 3rd, 17th

December: 1st, 15th

January: 5th, 19th

February 2nd, 16th

March: 1st, 15th, 29th

April: 12th, 26th

May: 10th, 24th

Volunteering & Age Limits

This course will be for ages 5-18.

Upon registration you will be asked which days you are availble to volunteer for (don't worry you can switch later with other parents). This is to encourage parents to stay involved in their childs experience with us. If you wish to participate more days than you sign up for check with our instructor they usually welcome it.

Students aged 5-7 must be accompanied by a parent for every class.

What to Bring

Here is a link to our packing list video. If you can manage everything in that video for each student they will be prepared for any lesson. Students 7 and up are permitted to bring a knife to class.

Course Location

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