Boise Sling Workshop

Start: 10/29/2022 - End: 10/29/2022
Saturday Oct 29th, 11-3.
Star Riverwalk Park, South Main Street, Star, ID, USA
Learn to make your very own sling! (not slingshot)
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Course Objectives

At the beginning of this course, participants will evaluate materials and projectiles for their slings. They will then assemble and create a usable reproduction of the shepherd's sling. By the end of class, participants will practice with their slings until the instructor is confident they can continue practicing safely at home.

Skills Taught

  • Material preparation
  • Leather work
  • Primitive cordage
  • Sling use
Know More

About the Course

Slings are a primitive weapon, not a Boy Scout slingshot. They are most likely a Neolithic or Palaeolithic hunting tool used by early humans.

We will be walking 2 miles along the Boise River reproducing our own slings. All fees for materials are included, and you will be able to have your sling for years to come.

We will study the history and lore of this primitive weapon and learn about the different designs and functions. After making your own sling, we will cover proper throwing and safety techniques. Please note these are not legal hunting weapons and are only to be used academically.

Additional Information

What to Bring

Bring water and a lunch / snack.

Course Location

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