Sandy Homeschool 2023/24

Start: 08/31/2023 - End: 05/02/2024
11-2:30, Thursdays, for the school year.
Lone Peak Park, South 700 East, Sandy, UT, USA

For the past 8 years, our homeschooling classes have been providing customized Earth Education to kids throughout Utah. Join us again this year to master bushcrafting and wilderness skills.

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Course Objectives

Students will develop bushcraft and survival skills such as fire-making, shelter-building, foraging, and navigation by practicing them in a safe and controlled outdoor setting. They will test their skills by completing tasks and challenges individually and in groups.

Students will enhance their social and emotional intelligence by participating in team-building activities, games, and exercises. To promote qualities such as communication, trust, respect, and empathy, students will reflect on their experiences and challenges in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Students will identify the importance of responsible and ethical behavior towards nature and technology.

The instructor will provide constructive feedback and encourage students to embrace growth and improvement on an ongoing process.

Skills Taught

Sit spot

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • ecology
  • taxonomy
  • ethnobotany
  • morphology
  • biology

Survival skills

  • shelter
  • water
  • fire food
  • wood working
  • leather working
  • medicinal/edible plants
  • and much more


  • nature-based games
  • navigation/getting lost and found
  • tracking and awareness
  • bird language
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About the Course

After our morning game, students will find their sit spot and enjoy solo time interacting with nature. From there, we will work on the skill of the day, both as individuals and as a group. To finish off our day, we will wander through the wonderful Lone Peak landscape.

We support students in taking an active role in choosing their own educational path. It is our job to have lessons and skills ready to facilitate that growth.

Please note the age limit for this course is 5-18, while 4 and under can attend and are free of charge. But students 7 years and younger need a parent to attend with them.

Meet Your Instructor

Ember Davis

Ember is a natural teacher, and her years of professional experience have demonstrated her talents and abilities in helping people learn and grow. Her teaching style is very inclusive, especially for those shy or uncomfortable in new situations. She is skilled in the art of storytelling and captures the attention of all age groups. Ember feels drawn to share her life experience with others in an open and honest way.

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Additional Information


Welcome to this year's 2023-2024 Homeschooling Program. At Making Tracks, we believe that connecting to nature in a deep and meaningful way can aid students in any problem they may face in life. In our programs students will be empowered to customize their learning experience to fit their goals, personality, and learning styles. Join us for an exciting year.

Class Breaks

Fall Break: Oct 16-20

Thanksgiving Break: Nov 23rd-26th

Winter Break: Dec 1-31

Spring Break: April 1-5



When you turn in the roundabout, head west past the baseball diamonds. There is an overflow dirt parking lot where we will meet for our morning game. This will give us access to a hidden trail system that connects all the way up the city.


In purchasing a spot for your child you are also commiting to a minimum of one volunteer day/year. Upon registration, you will receive an email requesting your available dates and your unavailable dates for the year. We will send out a schedule before the start of class for when each parent is volunteering.

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

Payment Options

We understand the current economy is having harsh effects on everyone. If necessary, we can work out a payment plan that will benefit your family. However, you will no longer be eligible for the early bird discount.

What to Bring

It is highly recommended that students bring the following to each class:

  • weather appropriate clothing and footwear
  • water (more than you normally drink at home)
  • food (high in protein and fat)

A backpack containing the following:

  • cheap tin cup
  • bandana or blindfold
  • knife (see here for requirements)
  • notebook
  • pen and pencil
  • personalized first aid kit
  • an unfinished skill (to be made during class)
  • bowdrill kit (to be made during class)

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Age Restrictions

Please note the age limit for this course is 5-18, and 4 and under are free of charge. But students 7 years and younger need a parent to attend with them.

Course Location

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