SVLA with Ember - Fall Semester

Start: 08/23/2023 - End: 12/06/2023
Wednesdays, 10:20-12:20.
New Creation Church, Sandy Parkway, Sandy, UT, USA
Join us again for a a collaboration between Making Tracks and South Valley Leadership Academy. Taught by Ember Davis!
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Course Objectives

Participants will study and journal about local ecology including medicinal/edible plants, animal behavior, birds, and tracks.

They will practice fundamental survival skills such as fire by friction, cordage making, stone tools, and water purification.

Students will play games and participate in facilitated experiences to hone sensory and situational awareness skills necessary for outdoor survival.

Students will play an active role in their education by providing verbal feedback to the instructor who will guide the class in their preffered direction.

Skills Taught

Sit Spot

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • biology


Survival skills

  • shelter
  • water
  • fire
  • wood working
  • medicinal/edible plants



  • nature-based games
  • navigation/getting lost and found
  • tracking and awareness
  • bird language
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About the Course

This course is for members of South Valley Leadership Academy only. If you would like to participate, please contact them for the access code. The curriculum in this course will be customized to their class and students.

Participants will be learning the fundamentals of outdoor ettiquette and survival skills.

Meet Your Instructor

Ember Davis

Ember is a natural teacher, and her years of professional experience have demonstrated her talents and abilities in helping people learn and grow. Her teaching style is very inclusive, especially for those shy or uncomfortable in new situations. She is skilled in the art of storytelling and captures the attention of all age groups. Ember feels drawn to share her life experience with others in an open and honest way.

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Additional Information


Fall Break: October 2nd-6th

Thanksgiving Break: November 22nd-24th

What to Bring

It is highly recommended that students bring the following to each class:

  • weather appropriate clothing and footwear
  • water (more than you normally drink at home)
  • food (high in protein and fat)


A backpack containing the following:

Helpful Link paking list

Course Location

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