Wasatch Tracking Intensive

Start: 10/22/2022 - End: 11/05/2022
Three Saturdays from 10am-1pm.
2735 East Louise Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
From your backyard to the great outdoors, learn the science and art of tracking.
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Course Objectives

Participants will identify local mammal and avian tracks and signs.

Participants will demonstrate understanding of the following components of a 'track':

  • compression
  • track anatomy
  • substrate variations
  • morphology
  • micro v macro pressure and release


Participants will use multiple aging techniques to study the decay rate of tracks.

Participants will construct the context of tracks through observation, deduction, questioning, and games.

Participants will master track journaling, notation, and graphing.

Skills Taught

  • Track Identification
  • Substrate Analysis and Aging
  • Journalling
  • Track Physics
  • The Internal Side of Tracking
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About the Course

This course will be a true intensive; it will be packed with back-to-back lectures, experiments, and real world tracking. We will meet at different locations each time, starting at Making Tracks HQ. We will study tracks on ourselves, our classmates, and wildlife. There will be mandatory homework in between sessions and it is your responsibility not to fall behind.


Meet Your Instructor

Erik Rasmussen, Founder

At just 7 years old, Erik began training at the Riekes Center Nature Awareness Department. His curiosity was insatiable and he continued to pursue outdoor education, acquiring a Bachelor's degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism, with an emphasis in Adventure and Outdoor Programs. Since middle school, Erik has channeled his love of nature into teaching, first assisting lead instructors until he was of age to facilitate nature exploration classes for 20+ kids.

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Additional Information


Our first course will be at Making Tracks HQ at the listed address. After the first class, we will announce the other locations. They will be weather-dependent and between the Wasatch Front and Great Salt Lake.

Parent Involvement

Minors must attend with a parent or guardian.

What to Bring

You must bring a notebook, pen/pencil, food, water, appropriate clothing, and footwear.

Consider compiling a tracking kit with the following items (this is recommended):

  • tape measure
  • ruler
  • tweezers
  • headlamp
  • popsickle sticks
  • knife
  • string
  • magnifying glass
  • tracking field guide

Course Location

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