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What is a typical class like?

At Making Tracks, we focus on providing an educational experience that’s tailored to your needs and desires. Unlike other nature and survival courses, we don’t confine you to rigid class options with zero flexibility.

On the day of your class, the very first step is meeting your instructor and getting to know each other. This is super important because we’re not just lecturing you about skills and knowledge, we’re building relationships and community. Our instructors are committed to providing a welcoming and encouraging environment for your learning so you can make the most out of your Earth education.

Next, your instructor will outline the Making Tracks philosophy to ensure we’re all on the same page, and go over hazards and necessary precautions. With that out of the way, they’ll explain the flow of the day to you, based on our three pillars.

First things first, we begin with a sit spot prompt, which we then reflect on, journal about, and discuss as a group. Next, we focus on wandering, survival skills, or both, depending on the class.

Most importantly, whenever we teach new skills or knowledge, we follow it with an immersive opportunity for you to actually practice and apply it. So you won’t just understand how wildlife behaves or how to start a fire with sticks, you’ll actually experience it, too.

At the end of the day, nature, just like humans, is ever-changing. We use this framework to guide our learning, while also letting the day unfold organically according to what comes our way.

Are you taking special precautions for COVID-19?

Our COVID-19 policies are in effect until further notice. Please visit this link to familiarize yourself with our pandemic policies.

How do I register with Making Tracks?

Click login - create account - fill appropriate boxes - confirm your email - complete your account - add particpants - register for the course of your choice.

What even is Earth education?!

Earth education is all about learning to see nature the way our ancestors did. After all, humans only made it this far because those guys got really good at making fire from sticks. Although these skills aren’t so necessary for survival in most modern societies, we believe that learning how to live in the outdoors, with only nature’s tools at your disposal, reaps rewards beyond just practical knowledge. It cultivates awareness, empathy, patience, persistence, and a self-confidence that will see you through any pursuit in your personal or professional life.

What’s with the name ‘Making Tracks’?

It’s impossible to leave no trace in nature… even birds as light as a feather leave tiny footprints in the snow. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it all, anyway. So, we focus on making healthy tracks in harmony with the rest of the ecosystem. It’s our way of honoring our ancestors, who lived in such close connection with the land, and paying it forward for the next generation.

You talk about our “ancestors” and “ancient wisdom” -- what does that mean?

Our ancestors, from over 4000 years ago all the way to the industrial revolution, lived much closer to the earth than we did. It was that deep connection that sowed the seeds for the long, healthy, expansive lives we live today, yet we have strayed so far from that very mentality that got us here. When we refer to “ancient wisdom”, we mean the profound knowledge and skills used by our ancestors to respect, understand, and make the most of the land around them. We encourage our students to apply this ancient wisdom to modern life, for a beautiful, balanced synthesis of the masterful ways of old and the innovative ways of new.

What do we need to bring to class?

Lucky for you, we’ve curated a packing list to make sure you show up prepped and ready for action.

What are the rules at Making Tracks?

We have our rules listed on our Liability Waiver. The first three rules are standards of behavior we expect of every student and staff member.

I’ve done some outdoor education before, how do you determine my level?

You can get in touch with us ahead of your class to let us know about any past training you’ve done. The more detail you can include, like the names of schools or specific courses, the better we can gauge what experience you have. At the end of the day though, the best way for us to understand your skill level is through observation over time.

How do you make sure kids don’t get lost? (*applicable to homeschooling courses)

Erik, the founder of Making Tracks, is a proud father himself, so we deeply understand the importance of keeping kids safe and sound. Our intimate class sizes allow our instructors to know exactly who’s around on the day, keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts. We use a calling system to check in with the group and be sure no one strays too far. We’re all about looking out for each other.

Do you have a family discount if I enroll many of my kids with Making Tracks?

Yes, as long as you have the required number of participants listed on your account you can register multiple participants at a discounted price.

What is required to be a volunteer?

If registration requires parental involvement, you are required to volunteer throughout the year. This means attending and participating with the class and assisting the instructor if neccesary. We believe parents should be provided the opportunity to engage with their childrens education. You are welcome to attend more than your assigned dates provided it is okay with the instructor. Even if you cannot attend any of the dates assigned to you you are responsible for finding a replacement. Please contact us via discord to trade with other parents and notify the instructor.

What are the knife safety rules and how do they work?

You can find the knife safety rules listed on our Liability Waiver. Students are encouraged to memorize and execute all 5 rules.

Do you have any “success stories” to share?

Yes, we’re delighted to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback and our students have gone on to achieve many wonderful things! You can view some of our great testimonials right on our homepage. But when it comes to our personal measure of success, we'd love for you to check out one of the most pivotal moments we had with a group of students. Read it here.

Do you offer any of your own resources for students?

Yes you can pre-order our Tracking Card game through this link.

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