Making Tracks Summer Camp Ogden

Start: 07/08/2024 - End: 07/12/2024
July 08th-12th, 9:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m..
1375 Park Blvd, Ogden

Everyone belongs in nature; take some time with us to enjoy your summer break and learn some cool skills.

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Course Objectives

We want everyone to have fun by safely exploring and pushing their comfort zones! Campers will have the opportunity to make fire by experimenting with bow drill, ferro rods, flint and steel. They will also use other tools, primitive and modern, to make things like cordage, water filters, and stone tools.

Skills Taught

Sit Spot

  • Basic Outdoor Etiquette
  • Hazards
  • Knife Safety
  • How not to get lost


  • Shelter Basics
  • Fire by Friction - Bow Drill
  • Stone tools
  • Cordage
  • Water Filtration


  • Sensory Awareness Games
  • Aidless Navigation
  • Creek Tending
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About the Course

Join us for a week of fun, games, wandering, and survival skills. Learn the fundamentals of shelter building, water purification, fire making, and primitive tool use. Campers will be encouraged to participate at their own comfort level but be prepared to get wet, dirty and have lots of fun.

For campers 7-12 (exceptions made for those close to that age range). The camp is Monday-Friday, 5 hours a day, from 9am -2 pm. Participants should come prepared with food, water, a knife, a swimsuit, and an extra change of clothes.

Our instructors will be waiting to greet you; be sure to check in with them at Drop Off and Pick Up.

Meet Your Instructor

Grant Hawkes

Grant Hawkes is a maker, wanderer, handtool addict, with a healthy dose of wool and herbal tea thrown in the mix. Born and raised exploring the woods and coastlines of Maine, he has always been fascinated with the outdoors and using his hands to make things. He has worked and learned under the director and mentorship of master craftsfolk, guides, and most importantly the land. He feels most at home out in the wilds, with a knife on his belt, throwing a song to the wind.

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Additional Information

What to Bring

Good shoes, weather apropriate clothing, a hat, and a backpack with...

Water bottle

Lunch and snack




Change of clothes

Swimsuit (just in case)

Personal first aid kit


Mora Knife

Knives must be 3-7 inches long with a sheath, unless they are folding knives, in which case they need to lock when they are unfolded. We recommend this one.

Communications via Discord

Once registered, you will be emailed a link to our Discord server, where you will receive any updates about the camp.

Course Location

Word on the street says

we’re pretty darn good at what we do.