Utah Tracking Club

Start: 02/25/2023 - End: 12/30/2023
9-11am, last Saturday of the Month.
Crestwood Park Tennis Courts, Siesta Drive, Cottonwood Heights, UT, USA
Meet new people and track some wildlife.
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Course Objectives

Participants will study and ID animal footprints. Using context clues, they will follow and look for the animal.

Skills Taught

Wildlife Tracking

Bird Language

Animal Behavior

Track and Sign

Know More

About the Course

$20 membership gives you and your family access for the year. Join us early on the Last Saturday of the Month to study animal tracks. Locations will change monthly in Utah and Salt Lake County. Join our Discord channel for updates.

It will be as relaxing or intense as you want it to be. Join Erik and other trackers to learn how to read nature like a book.

Meet Your Instructor

Erik Rasmussen, Founder

At just 7 years old, Erik began training at the Riekes Center Nature Awareness Department. His curiosity was insatiable and he continued to pursue outdoor education, acquiring a Bachelor's degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism, with an emphasis in Adventure and Outdoor Programs. Since middle school, Erik has channeled his love of nature into teaching, first assisting lead instructors until he was of age to facilitate nature exploration classes for 20+ kids.

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Additional Information


If you want to learn how to track animals, people, birds, plants and more join our club!


Locations will be in Utah County and Salt Lake County. They will change monthly; a Discord invite will be sent via email to join our channel. First Tracking meet will be crestwood park!

Course Location

Word on the street says

we’re pretty darn good at what we do.