Virtual Wilderness First Responder Certification - ARS Training

Start: 09/27/2022 - End: 11/30/2022
2 hours, twice a week, for 8 weeks.

Do you need a Wilderness First Responder certification but don't have the time for a traditional course? This virtual certification is the course for you.

Registration Closes Sept. 27th

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Course Objectives

All students who pass the course will be certified Wilderness First Responders.

The primary objective of this course is for each student to walk away with a fully functional knowledge-base and to be able to practically apply the skill sets learned.

Students will explore complex topics, including the ability to stay calm and focused in an emergency medical situation.

This certification is housed under the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and will be virtual.

Skills Taught

  • scene and patient assessments and troubleshooting
  • bleeding control and stabilization
  • wilderness wound care: wound cleaning, closure, and infection protection
  • shock and emergency medical conditions
  • stabilizing and reducing strains, sprains, dislocations, fractures, and breaks
  • head, brain, and face injuries: eyes, dental emergencies, etc.
  • environmental hazards and injuring, including thermal conditions: hypothermia, frostbite, hyperthermia, burns, etc.
  • biological hazards: water, insects, hazardous animals, etc.
  • transport and evacuation
  • improvised solutions in the field when resources and/or supplies are scarce or non existant
  • personal wilderness responder foundation: fieldcraft skills and gear considerations
  • anatomy of wilderness remote medical gear and kit considerations
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About the Course

The WFR certification course prepares individuals and responders for medical response in a wilderness setting. Normally a full 5-7 days of classroom instruction, this class will be offered virtually through zoom to accomodate a variety of schedules.

NASAR is the national standard for professional guides, recreation, and adventure instructors to develop their mental and physical skillset for emergencies where medical help is unavailable in austere environments.

ARS has teamed up with Making Tracks to offer this virtual remote certification with live zoom instruction and options for passing off skills and assessments.

Meet Your Instructor

James Wakley in Partnership with Adaptive Response Solutions

James is a long time practitioner and trainer within the emergency preparedness and outdoor adventure communities. He currently runs Adaptive Response Solutions, and the Adaptive Preparedness Project, which focus on helping people and communities become prepared for whatever environment they find themselves in, whether outdoor recreation & adventure, or disaster & emergency preparedness events.

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Additional Information


In partnership with Adaptive Response Soltuons, Making Tracks we brings you the first virtual itteration of the Wilderness First Responder Certification

This is a Virtual Class

Upon registration you will receive the required zoom invitation for the course.


There are a few aspects of the course that we have some flexibility with including...

  • zoom call end and start time
  • skills assessments
  • pass of details


Travel and vaccination are not requirements for this course; this is a virtual class and can be attended anywhere provided you have clear internet connection and a distraction free environment.



James is willing to work with participants who would preffer to pay in installments. Please text us at 6503945532 for details.

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