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Making Tracks

Earth Education


At Making Tracks we believe the most essential part of progress is staying connected to what makes us human.

Our mission is to unify the survival skills community to reach a larger audience and affect more change. Our goal is to have 10% of the population connected to nature by the year 2030.

Our Values

Our Promise...

primitive cookout

To Our Customers

We promise to provide safe and fun courses with your needs in mind.

qualified survival skills instructors

To Our Staff

We promise to to provide you with opportunities that will further your skill, benefit your career and facilitate work-life balance. 

wandering landscapes

To Our Earth

We promise to always strive to be the best caretakers we can, to never stop listening and to never stop noticing. Thank you for all that you provide.

Founding Story

Erik grew up learning survival skills on the California coast from the age of 7. He set himself to mastering every skill his mentors would show spending all of his free time in the woods. As he was graduating college he found that he had already worked at all of the most respectable outdoor schools in the country and his career seemed to be over before it began.

Looking around he still saw a majority of the population moving further and further away from the Earth. He still saw schools popping up competing with one another and not being able to afford to pay their staff a livable wage. Erik was fortunate enough to have a college professor that encouraged him to not discount his observations but to do something about it. Was there a way to support qualified instructors while extending the reach of the survival skills community?

After dozens of pivots and changes Making Tracks is what it is today, a platform, a community and a collaboration of wonderful instructors and amazing customers who value the ways of the Earth and their ancestors that got them here. Without you our story would not exist. We thank you for your continued support.

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