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  • Do you do teen programs?
    Our homeschool programs are open to teens and our family gatherings are for all age groups. If we can get enough interest for a teen only course we will run it.
  • Can we try a class to see if we like it?
    Yes drop ins are more than welcome. If there are no courses available or none in your area we can set up a free intro class for you and your friends. Just reach out to us and we will get it set up.
  • What is your teaching philosophy?
    Our goal is to customize the content to the student, not standardize the student to the test. Instructors do three things: they teach, facilitate, and mentor from a place of mastery. Teaching-Presenting information from point A to point B. Facilitating- Create and manage an experience that does the teaching. Mentoring-Holding possibility for students Master-A person who has practiced their skill/craft to such a degree, the philosophy of that skill is present in their day to day life. Learning is about asking the right questions; and there are always more questions to be asked.
  • What is a typical class like?
    As students pile out of the cars mothers get their strollers and carriers ready for their littles. Students meander to the gathering place they have established where the instructor has a game prepared for them. After the kids are panting and reflecting on the highlights of the game they transition into their sit spots to take some time alone in nature. From there the instructor will guide them on a wander, or facilitate a learning experience, or maybe sit around the fire and work on a skill. As interests and energy shift the instructor may suggest another game or check in with food and water and bathroom breaks. Once class is over happy, dirty, and very tired kids climb back into their cars shouting goodbye to one another.
  • Do you have any discounts available?
    Yes, discounts are released via our discord server. Click below to stay in the loop.
  • Do you do courses for private organizations?
    Yes we can build courses for any demographic at any location at any time of day: schools, church groups, clubs, corporations. If you are interested in learning how survival skills can benefit your community click the button below.
  • What is your curriculum?
    Our curriculum is designed to be customized to the student. That being said there are consistencies through all of our programs. The Three Core Pillars will be present in each class (sit spot, survival skills, wandering). Hazards awareness is covered and revisited in every class. Basic outdoor etiquette is the foundation for any outdoor experience. Leaving no trace isn't good enough, we always leave a space better than when we found it.
  • What other types of programs are there?
    Here is a list of the types of courses we have run to date: Homeschool Programs Private Co-Op/Charter School Classes Family Gatherings Summer Camps After School Programs Overnight Camping Trips Corporate Team Building Birthday Parties But the list is endless; if you want a course you don't see posted let us know.
  • What about cancelations?
    If You Cancel 24 hours before event: No refund If You Cancel 2-6 days before event: 50% refund If You Cancel 1 week+ before event: Full refund, less payment processing fees If Making Tracks Cancels w/o rescheduling: Full refund for the cancelled event(s
  • What time are classes and how often do they happen?
    Courses are built with our clients needs in mind; as long as our instructors are available we can accommodate almost any duration, frequency and time. Typically classes start either at 10am for a morning session or 2pm for an evening session. They can be anywhere from 2-4 hours long and are usually once a week. Earlier and more frequent classes have been known to happen.
  • What is the age range for your programs?
    Homeschool courses are generally 8-18 and family gatherings are for all age groups.
  • Do you still hold classes during winter?
    Yes, provided the roads are safe to travel we will meet for class in any weather condition. It's part of nature and there is a lot to be learned for rain, snow, wind and sun. Don't worry, our instructors will prepare you for what to bring and how to have fun in uncomfortable conditions.
  • How many students are there in class?
    It can depend on the location but typically we need a minimum of 10 students in a class with a maximum of 20.
  • Do class locations have bathrooms?
    Some do and some don't; and they are typically closed during the winter. We review basic methods of reliving oneself in the woods in each class. The average class length is 3 hours and it tends not to be an issue.
  • How do you handle hazards?
    In each class we teach we review all kinds of hazards from bees, large predators, water, cold, even picking up trash. We teach and revisit preventative measures, how to handle a hazard when you come across one and how to handle it if avoiding it is not an option.
  • Do you use knives in class?
    Yes. Students 7 years and older can bring a knife to class and get knife certified by our instructors. Knife blades must be 3-7 inches. If it folds it needs to lock in the unfolded position. If it is a fixed blade it needs a well fitted sheath. Instructors must approve knives when they pass off the rules. Students must recite and explain the following rules without assistance from anyone (or their notes) during class. If they need help they can get it but will have to wait until the following class to try again. 1. Always ask an instructor permission to use your knife. - Only the instructor knows if it is a good time for you to be carving, check with them. 2. Don't cut yourself. - You won't get in trouble if you do; but please don't 3. Carve safely - If you don't know how to perform a certain cut, check in with your instructor. 4. Use a blood bubble. - Arms length circle around, above and below you. You are responsible for it. 5. Keep your knife sharp and clean - Tools work most effectively in their cleanest sharpest state. If a student is found repeatedly not abiding by these rules their knife may be confiscated.
  • How do you ensure my child's safety during class?
    Every element of our organization is set up with the safety of our participants in mind. Both their immediate safety and their ongoing health and wellness. Our rules and policies are specifically written for the safety of students and participants. Students are always supervised by an instructor and at least 1 parent. The culture of our class is centered around empowering students to feel and be safe in class. If you have questions or concerns reach out to us or drop in for a class.
  • Do instructors have medical training?
    Yes each instructor is required to have a Wilderness First Responder Certification. Each specialist is required to have at minimum a Wilderness First Aid Certification. We are generally in cell range and we have an emergency/evacuation plan on file for each location we teach at.
  • How do you make sure kids don't get lost?
    Students are encouraged to wander out of eyesight for their sit spot, but, they must stay within "coyote howl" range. We teach students a system of keeping track of one another that involves mimicking a coyote 1x, 2x or 3x yowls to communicate where they are, if they should come in and if its an emergency. We reinforce doing things as a group and in pairs and there is always at least one instructor and at least one parent in class. We review navigation techniques with maps and compasses as well as aidless techniques, such as body radar and the story line.
  • Do you have a mailing list?
    We send out a monthly newsletter you can sing up below.
  • When do you post new courses?
    We are always posting new classes; keep an eye on our course page for updates. Otherwise courses are typically posted from June-August.
  • Where can I receive updates about my course?
    We use a website called Discord for all course communications. It is slack for video gamers but serves our purposes perfectly. We can create private channels for each course, instructors can send out updates to everyone all at once, and questions can be asked and answered by the whole community instead of waiting for the staff to get back to you. Click below to join.
  • Where do classes happen?
    Technically courses can happen anywhere; we have taught in homes, office buildings, local parks and out in nature. We find the more immersive the location the better the experience. If you don't see a class near you let us know and we will see what we can do to change that.
  • What if there isn't a course near me?
    If that is the case reach out to us! We can discuss the possibility of getting programs going near you.
  • What kind of location is best for class?
    Land managed by the Bureau of Land Management or Private Land is ideal. Otherwise something immersive, not too far from town, that allows fires, and is accessible during winter.
  • How does being a volunteer work?
    Having your kids participate in a homeschool course means you will participate too. A week prior to the start of class we put together a volunteer schedule and send it out to all the parents who registered. If you get scheduled on a date that doesn't work for you that's okay, head over to discord and switch with another parent because I'm sure they have a day they need covered also. Being a volunteer is easy, you can hangout and participate or just watch, and you can even bring the littles. Homeschooling is all about spending time with your kids and we want to involve the family as much as possible.
  • What about parents and younger siblings; can we attend?
    Absolutely and in fact parental involvement is required. (See next question) We love when families get involved; feel free to hangout and chat with other parents or participate.
  • Are you a vendor for any homeschool resources?
    Yes, My Tech High Harmony Utah Fits All If you don't see yours on this list or need school credit let us know.
  • Check the Volunteer Schedule
    Make sure you are prepared to stay if it is your day to volunteer. If you are dropping off check in and out with your instructor.
  • What should we bring to class?
    Each student needs a backpack with the following inside it: Water bottle Lunch/Snack Bandana Personal First Aid Kit (band aids and Neosporin in a small container is great) Knife (see knife safety above) Fire Kit (to be made in class) Unfinished Projects (to work on during free time) Don't forget to review our rules with your student before their first class You can refer to this video.
  • Check Discord
    It is recommended to get in the habit of checking discord 1-2 days before class and the morning of for updates from your instructor and requests from fellow classmates.
  • Winter Preparation
    Instructors will go over winter gear in Autumn; keep an eye out for wool and gortex material and don't be afraid to gather extra gloves socks hats and scarves. Handwarmers go a long way as well. Thrift shops, army surplus, and consignment stores will be your friend. You can also refer to this video.
  • What qualifications are you looking for?
    Each instructor is required to have their wilderness first responder and have 5-10 years of survival skills and teaching experience. If you are interested in joining the collaboration; reach out to us.
  • I am confused by how your company works.
    We get that a lot from survival skills folks. We are a decentralized platform of likeminded instructors collaborating towards a shared vision. If you want to hear more; set up a call with us.
  • How often do I have to teach?
    As often as you want and as often as we can schedule you. This platform is designed with your life goals in mind. Part of our hiring process is articulating what your goals for yourself are and how working with us can help achieve that. Reach out if it sounds like a good opportunity.
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