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Connect With Nature In Your Local Community

These days, it can feel like we have to trek out to the boonies and fork out a huge sum of money just to reconnect with our roots. But many of us can’t carve out the time, finances, or commitment for that. At Making Tracks, we believe everyone should have easy access to connection with nature. We’re committed to breaking down the barriers and bringing you and nature together. That’s why our affordable outdoor education utilizes the beautiful parks and nature areas located in and around urban locations.

Learn Practical Skills From Vetted, Qualified Instructors

Needless to say, survival skills are a core part of what we do. Fundamentally, we’re a league of educators dedicated to mentoring you on how to survive in any landscape. But we know that sometimes it’s hard to know who’s the real deal. Around here, we’re big on transparency -- you’re trusting us to show you the ropes on this whole nature thing, and we don’t take that lightly. We make sure you know exactly who is teaching you, all their qualifications, their background, and their specific skill set. With Making Tracks, you know you’re in good hands, so you can focus your energy on getting yours dirty.

Ditch Standardized Learning & Create Your Personalized Earth Education

Most outdoor schools give you a limited choice from a selection of rigid programs -- but not us. We recognize that every student is unique, so we provide custom course content tailored to your needs and desires. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from nature, it’s the importance of listening carefully and taking stock of feedback, so you can rest assured that we’ll be flexible as you find your footing in outdoor education.

Show Up As The Best Version of Yourself, In Every Part of Your Life

When your relationship with nature blossoms, all other aspects of your life flourish, too. Reconnecting with the natural world heightens your awareness and empathy and enhances your ability to navigate the modern experience in a way that nothing else can. You’ll discover newfound self-sufficiency, confidence, and overall health and well-being (both physically and mentally). By doing your dirt time, you’ll feel empowered to make your mark in any occupation, education, or lifestyle.

Get Some Fresh Air and Have Some Good, Old-Fashioned Fun!

We humans have a habit of taking this life thing way too seriously. We get all cooped up inside with our thoughts and our never-ending to-do lists. Nothing cuts that tension quite like some good, old-fashioned playtime. Yes, Making Tracks is an educational experience -- and play is the best mechanism for learning -- but the most important lesson we hope you take home is the value of getting out of your house and your head, and into the playful spirit of the great outdoors. Go on, get some dirt under those nails. You might just be surprised by how liberated you feel...

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