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Springville Homeschool 24/25

Join other Springville families for this year's survival homeschool course!

  • Starts Sep 6
  • From 441 US dollars
  • Springville-Jolley's Ranch Park

Course Details

This is a parent involvement class. See our FAQs for more details on how we organize parent volunteers. Course Objectives We expect students to demonstrate basic outdoor competence by participating in weekly games, activities, workshops and sit spots. Students will construct their own bowdrill kits by studying their local plants and trees, practicing carving techniques, and experimenting with technique. Participants will illustrate their competence in shelter building by building and testing debris huts, tarp shelters, and by wearing proper clothing. Students will identify water that is potable and not potable; as well as identify plants that are medicinal and poisonous. Participants will study taxonomy and ecology by actively participating in their environment; distinguishing field marks for birds, plants, animals, tracks, weather and much more. Examples of skills taught Sit spot: meditation, journaling, ecology, taxonomy, ethnobotany, morphology, biology, mapping Survival Skills: shelter, water, fire, food, wood working, leather working, hide tanning, bowery, bone and stone tools, fiber weaving, and much more Wandering: nature based games, aided & aidless navigation, getting lost/found, tracking & awareness, bird language, edible & medicinal plants, natural movements About the Course Our homeschool courses encourage creativity and confidence in kids by facilitating the time and space for them to be just that, kids. They will learn to track animals, build fire with sticks, make arrowheads and much more. We encourage growth through introspection and sensory awareness. Learning to connect with your landscape and not only feel a part of it but one with it is a skill that students learn to master in our courses. Be prepared to get dirty and maybe even uncomfortable but only if you want to have a lot of fun. We will find sit spots, practice survival skills, wander and play games. Age Range: 7-18 (littles welcome to stay during parent volunteer days) Please note our scheduled Vacation Days: Autumn Break: October 27th-November 1st Thanksgiving Break: November 27th-29th Winter Break: December 15th-31st Spring Break: March 31st-April 4th Your instructor will be out of town on the following dates; if our other instructors can not substitute we will reschedule for the end of the course in may: September 15th-21st January 16th-22nd Jolley’s Ranch, Right Fork Hobble Road, Springville, UT, USA


  • Springville-Jolley's Ranch Park

    Jolley’s Ranch, Right Fork Hobble Road, Springville, UT, USA


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