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Sit Spot

Remember how familiar you became with every little detail of your high school classroom, from the grooves in the desk to the exact tone of the clock’s ticking hands? That’s our aim with a sit spot.

Just like any good jazz song, nature has a dynamic bassline that can be easy to miss but sets the tone for all of the action. We can tune into it by having a consistent homebase where we can look, listen, and soak in our surroundings every day. By spending time in our sit spot, we gain a detailed knowledge of the animals, trees, plants, and seasons that allow us to become deeply in tune with the land around us. Likewise, the ecosystem becomes familiar to us, inviting us to participate in its intricate dance.


The best way to get the most out of a sit spot is to keep a journal. Note down and reflect on the information you’ve collected each day, referring to field guides to identify any flora or fauna you might not have recognized. Keep track of the weather and how it affects the behavior of the animals. Soon, you’ll feel like you’re no longer just observing nature - you’re part of it.

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