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Survival Skills

This is everything you might expect, and so much more. Yes, making fire by friction, building shelter, creating arrowheads, and more!

This is the nitty gritty, tried, and tested part of Earth education that’ll make you feel like a modern-day Tarzan. You’ll learn classic skills like making fire by friction, building shelter, flint knapping, and using bold tools. Plus, you’ll also get to know the lesser-known but equally important techniques like fox walking, wide-angle vision, tracking, and bird language. Practicing these skills will change the way you interact with the world. Where you may have seen only oak shrubs before, you’ll now notice the slightest movement of a deer watching you from the hillside. At first, you might think you’ve gained superhuman senses, but you’re just tapping into your primal abilities that were within you all along.

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