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Earth Education Experiences for Families and Communities

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Three Core Pillars of Earth Education

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Basic outdoor etiquette and safety are natural results of all of our programs and will always be the foundation of fun. But we focus on generating creativity and inspiring confidence through survival skills and wilderness living. Through the sit spot, the skills and learning how to wander, participants can balance their neurology and learn to modulate their own energy to complete a task. 

Each class is facilitated by experienced instructors but guided by the interest of the students. Our goal is to customize the content to the student instead of standardizing the student to the test. We start them out with basic safety, carving, shelter, water, fire food and by then they usually discover a topic that drives them.

We are always adding new service locations; if you don't see one near you let us know!

"My girls and I started doing weekly classes with Erik two years ago, and it has been a favorite time together that we look forward to each week. Whether it is cold and rainy or sunny and warm, my girls can’t wait to go every week, and we benefit from getting out in nature and fresh air. We have gained a better understanding and respect for nature which couldn’t be more needed in today's world. We are so grateful for Making Tracks!"

Jamie Walsh - Client

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